We understand the preciousness of life. Embedded deep within us lies a set of unique gifts and talents, and our duty in life is to discover these hidden treasures and do our best to share them with the world.

In order to accomplish this, we must optimize our mind, body and heart so that we can conquer each day with the energy, focus and motivation we require to live the life we most desire.


They say the greatest things in life come our way by solving the big problems before us. This is exactly how our founder, Brandon James Duncan, created Life Is Rare and our flagship product, THRIVE.

Through his own personal journey of healing and growth, Brandon learned of the powerful benefits of the world's more rare super-foods and adaptogenic herbs. After countless unsuccessful attempts to find an existing powdered greens drink product that had everything he was looking for without all the stuff you don't need, he decided to create the solution himself.


After years of research and development, as well as several taste tests approved by Brandon's young daughter, we are grateful for the opportunity to bring our collection of products to the world.

It is our mission to help you live a happier and healthier life.


We intend to create high quality products, services and content to enrich your life and the world at large.

As a brand focused on doing better in the world, Life Is Rare pledges a % of profits each year to charities and organizations making a positive impact in the world.