What's In THRIVE?

Ingredients Matter


Look, there is a lot we put in here - over 40 ingredients, all of which have a purpose and a mission.  Plainly put, we've got the world's most nutritionally potent stuff inside this little jar of flavorful goodness, and when you drink it you will FEEL the difference.

What's unique about THRIVE is that it's the first of its kind to not be formulated using grass. 

The first Super-Food Drink made with ZERO Grass. Most superfood drinks use grass as a base ( wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, etc ), and although they have some nutritional value, they contain allergens that can destroy your digestive system. This can cause you to feel tired, bloated, and groggy... and let's face it, NO ONE WANTS TO FEEL THOSE THINGS.



We carefully formulated THRIVE to avoid these potential harmful things from happening...



Algae & Super-Food Matrix - this blend is packed full of omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and micronutrients, phospholipids and more. It aids in detoxification, heart health, brain health, energy, recovery and more

  • Chlorella ( Broken Cell Wall ), Spirulina, Kelp Extract
  • Organic  Banana Powder, Organic Banana Flakes, Organic Goji Berry, Broccoli Powder ( head ), Pomegranate Powder, Mangosteen Powder, Açaí Berry Extract, Carrot Powder, Apple Juice Powder, Sunflower lecithin Non GMO

High ORAC Antioxidant Complexantioxidants protect the body against unstable oxygen molecules by neutralizing free radicals. In basic terms, these ingredients help fight off disease and allow us to live longer by keeping our cells healthy and happy

Apple 12:1 Extract, Mangosteen Extract, Elderberry Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Bilberry Extract, Blueberry Juice 150:1 Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Debittered Stevia Extract

Fiber & Essential Omega Complex - also rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, this blend provides fiber, iron, and calcium,  while helping to keep cholesterol levels healthy and your heart happy

Organic Black Chia Seeds, Organic Flax Seeds, Apple Fiber Pectin

Adaptogenic Herbs & Detoxifiers - this is the magic blend that ties everything else together...these power mushrooms and spices promote endurance, stamina, energy, vitality, immunity, anti-inflammation. Adaptogens are natural substances that work with a person’s body and help them adapt; most notably, to stress

Astragalus Extract, Reishi Mushroom Extract ( fruit body ), Cordyceps Extract (mycelium), Maitake Mushroom Extract, Shiitake Mushroom Extract, Ginger Extract

Prebiotic & Probiotic Complex - They say the gut is our 2nd brain so we better take good care of it! Pre-biotics and pro-biotics are both crucial pillars to accomplishing gastrointestinal health and well-being

Chickory Root Inulin, L-Acidophilus Super Strain DDsr-1

Digestive Enzyme Blend - a healthy digestive tract is able to absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat, and will aid to the overall health and functionality of your gastrointestinal system. This is key to increased metabolism which leads to weight loss and many other key benefits

Protease I, Protease II, Amylase, Lipase, Lactase

Immuni-Tea Boosting Blend - say bye bye to the common cold! With these polyphenol rich tea extracts, your immune system will be stronger than ever to fight off whatever life may throw its way

Decaffeinated White Tea Extract, Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, 95% Polyphenols, 50% ECGC, Yerba Mate Powder

Restorative Blend - the icing on the cake, these key ingredients have a wide range of benefits, including: anti-inflammatory, liver support, blood pressure support, heart health, and more

Milk Thistle Extract - Milk thistle pulls toxins out of the body and protects the liver from damage and stress

Knotweed Extract - better known as resveratrol, Knotweed promotes a healthy micro-biome, a healthy cardiovascular system, and a healthy immune system

Curcumin Extract - extracted from turmeric, curcumin has anti-inflammatory benefits, heart health benefits, brain health benefits, and it also has shown to lower the the risk of several types of cancer

Licorice Root Extract - with a wide array of benefits, licorice root benefits include heartburn, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, PMS and pain relief

NO: artificial ingredients, soy, dairy, gluten

NO: Label claim ingredients. Everything has a purpose and reason why it is included.

This is the product you've been searching for.