RESULTS matter...

...but they ARE NOT the most important thing to focus on.


Let me explain...

Results happen from the actions we take in life.

Results are a measurement of those actions and essentially become data and feedback.

If that data and feedback is attractive to us then we will likely want to continue doing whatever actions that are creating those results.


If the data and feedback ( results ) aren't what we really want then what must we change in order to change the results?

Our actions.

And what's the most powerful way to change our actions?


PROCESS: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

The process is the most important element of everything we do in life.


The process created the results.

If a particular process is weak or designed inefficiently then it will show up in the results we get.


An Olympic athlete has a daily process that he practices and trains under the guidance of his coach. Once at the Olympics, he will either get the result ( gold medal ) that he wants and has been training for ( the process ) or not.

If he doesn't get the medal then what's the thing he and his coach change?


How we do everything in life is a process.

How we sleep, eat, talk, think, act, work, have sex, work, love....

They each have their own process that is mainly a set of habitual patterns we've built over the years.

Stay with me here...

I work in the industry of CHANGE.

My clients hire me because they want to change an area of their life.

To change something you first get really honest and really clear about the current process and set of habitual patterns that are creating the current results you want to change.


Next, you must design a new process that, when practiced consistently for a certain period of time, remodels your behavior ( habitual patterns ) into the type of behavior that creates the type of results you say you really want.


Finally, you must fully commit to this new journey of doing things differently each and every day until this new process becomes your new normal behavior. This takes time...typically 60-90 days for most people, sometimes longer.


This 3 step formula is exactly how I've coached my clients for the last few years and also how I've recreated myself over and over into the man I am today.

When you break it all down this way it gets to be much easy to digest and understand. It doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be overwhelming.

It is possible to change almost anything about you and your life if you're truly committed to changing something.

I've seen it happen over and over and over again with men and women no different than you.

Get clear, design the process that supports what you want, and take action.

You got this.

And remember :

"Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes."

Brandon James Duncan